Church membership is an important commitment. In joining FBC, you're making a commitment to the Lord Jesus and to fellow believers to live a life that glorifies God. To join FBC, you must have a relationship with Jesus (John 1:12) and you must be biblically baptized (Acts 2:41). What is biblical baptism? First, it means that you were baptized after you became a believer. Second, a person must be baptized in obedience to Christ's command, not as a way to be saved. Third, biblical baptism is by immersion which means you go into and out of the water. 

You may join FBC in the following ways...


1. Come forward at the end of a service to trust in Christ and be baptized. If you've previously become a Christian but haven't been baptized, come forward as well. The pastor will visit with you and set up a date for baptism. Upon baptism, you'll actually become a member. 

2. You may also transfer your letter of church membership from a sister Baptist church. Come forward at the end of a church service, and let us know of your desire to join.

3. You may join by statement of faith if you've put your faith in Christ and have been baptized biblically. If you're coming from another denomination, schedule an appointment with the pastor.